horizontal directional drilling

Our RP-Bentonite product line is specifically designed for use in horizontal drilling and pipe jacking operations.

horizontal drilling

-In HDD, our bentonite provides high gel slurry with adequate marsh funnel viscosity to enhance cuttings removal and suspension.

-It also forms a thin, low-permeable filter cake to control fluid loss and prevent ground water intrusion.

-Our products perform exceptionally well in a variety of soil types, including unconsolidated sand, gravel, limestone, and reactive clay that require special treatment to improve borehole stability, prevent collapsing, and reduce friction and torque during drilling.

RP-Bentonite is quick to mix, builds instant gel, resists water contamination, easy to recycle, and environmentally safe.

pipe jacking

-Our bentonite is injected between the pipe and soil to reduce friction.

-The slurry surrounding the pipes is thick enough to create fluid friction across the entire length, preventing soil from touching the pipe.

-The limited penetration of our RP-Bentonite slurry in the surrounding area is ideal for economic, environmental, and stability reasons.

-It effectively stabilizes the annular gap by preventing the surrounding soil from collapsing and reducing friction between the ground and the jacked pipe.

Products are: RP – HDD-HS / RP– HDD- BW

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