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About Us


RPMinerals is a leading supplier of added-value specialty mineral and chemical products. RPMinerals’ primary markets include the oil & gas well drilling fluids, the metal casting, the paper manufacturing, environmental and, civil engineering.

RPMinerals has a long history of bentonite experience, and service to its primary markets. RPMinerals’ history of innovation and reliability is built on a foundation of  talented staff, exceptional product development facilities, state-of-the-art processing facilities and, commitment to “Quality First”.

RPMinerals is headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt with operating facilities in Borg El Arab and Amreya Free Zone, west of Alexandria.


Egypt Mining & Drilling Chemicals Company (EMIDC)

Founded in 1992 by Atef Rasheed Abou Morra, EMIDC specializes in the mining and processing of bentonite for primarily the drilling fluids market. EMIDC’s plant operation is located in Borg El Arab Industrial Development Zone. Bentonite is mined locally from deposits controlled by Rasheed Performance Minerals 65 km southwest of Borg El Arab.

RPMinerals Free Zone

Founded in 1999, RP Minerals Free zone Trading Company is located in the Amreya Free Trade Zone near Alexandria, Egypt. RPM Company specializes in the distribution of chemical and mineral products primarily to the oilfield for use in water-base and oil-base drilling fluids.

RPM Free Zone is an authorized distributor of Fann® Testing Equipment. RPM Free Zone is an authorized service center for the maintenance, repair, and calibration of Fann® testing equipment.

Egypt Bentonite & Derivatives Company (EBDC)

By 1999, EMIDC’s business reached processing capacity. Because of land constraints at EMIDC, Rasheed Performance Minerals built another processing facility nearby their location in Borg El Arab Industrial Zone. The new facility operated as Egypt Bentonite & Derivatives Company (EBDC). EBDC’s focused on new growth opportunities in the foundry industry and the civil engineering industry. To broaden product application capability EBDC began to import bentonite from sources outside Egypt to complement its local bentonite resource. EBDC began to import Wyoming bentonite from its new minority partner, Volclay International (a subsidiary of AMCOL International). Volclay International has a minority stake in EMIDC as well.

Alexandria Mining Company (AMCO)

AMCO was acquired by Rasheed Performance Minerals in 2002 to provide additional milling capacity for bentonite and barite. Also located in Borg El Arab Industrial Development Zone, AMCO has recently increased its milling capacity with the addition of a “ball mill” to produce barite for drilling fluids and clinker for oilfield-grade cement production.

Egypt Nano Technologies Company

EMIDC and EBDC continued to prosper and by 2004, additional processing capacity was needed to support the continued growth and expansion into new markets. In 2004, Rasheed Performance Minerals built another processing facility nearby the location in Borg El Arab Industrial Development Zone. The new facility operates as Egypt Nano Technologies Company (ENTC). ENTC specializes in the processing of bentonite products for use in paper making, civil engineering, and oilfield markets. Processing includes chemical and mechanical activation of bentonite, blending, milling and packaging.

NANO offers customized products to meet specific performance requirements by utilizing bentonites from a variety of sources combined with its core Egyptian bentonite and incorporating precise and accurate blending and treatment capability and state-of-art milling capacity.

The Team


Quality policy:

RPMinerals is a pioneer group in the field of Manufacturing of Bentonite and Barite with the highest quality levels.
Our main Quality objectives enable us to apply this policy through:

  • Continually developing the QMS and increasing our customers’ satisfaction throughout creating best business relationships with them.
  • Commitment to delivery on time, competitive price and highest level of quality.
  • Continual improvement of our Quality Management System in order to achieve the highest performance levels enabling us to produce fault free products and safe work areas.
  • Commitment to comply with all legal requirements and technical specifications.
  • Enhancing our competence such as employees’ skills and resource management through the continuous training.
  • Review of our Management System for complying with API and ISO Standards and reviewing the quality policy for continual suitability during the management review meetings.

HSE Policy

The Health, Safety and Environmental Policy of RPMinerals group is considered as the guide for all employees of the company and our goal is to provide the following:

  • A service or solution, which meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.
  • A highly trustworthy, ethical and safe work environment that provides long-term employment, development, and growth for all employees.
  • Continuous improvement in all that we do.
  • Protection of the environment wherever we conduct our business.
  • Promoting a work ethic which is predicated upon Safety, Quality and Environment.
  • Commitment to the Egyptian law and regulations for Health, Safety and Environment according to the labor and Environmental laws.
  • Providing the necessary resources and personal support required for successful implementation of our Safety Management System and Environment Management System.

Trust and Worth

Our Certificates

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