RP-Bentonite is a versatile drilling fluid that finds numerous applications in civil works.

Its thixotropic properties, viscosity, gel strength, and filtration control ability make it an excellent choice for drilling operations that require precise control over fluid flow and sedimentation. In civil works, drilling fluids play a critical role in ensuring the success of excavation projects.

1- They are used to remove cuttings from the borehole,
2- Support the excavation by exerting hydrostatic pressure on walls to prevent collapse, reduce fluid loss.
3- Act as a sealant to prevent fluid flow into the soil
4- Prevent cuttings from settling down when circulation stops.
5- Drilling fluids help lubricate and cool the drilling bit and string, prolonging their lifespan.

RP bentonite, with its superior properties, is particularly useful in pile foundation and diaphragm wall construction. Its ability to control fluid flow ensures that excavation projects are completed efficiently and with minimal downtime.

Products are: RP– CIV-PI / RP– CIV-GR / RP-CIV -PI -LL / RP– CIV-PI-FC / RP– CIV-DW-HS


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