IDIC Specialty Drilling Chemicals Expands Organo-Clay and Organo-Lignite Manufacturing Capacity

IDIC Specialty Drilling Chemicals, part of the Rasheed Performance Minerals Group (RPMinerals Group), announced that it completed a multi-million dollar expansion of its organo-clay and organo-lignite manufacturing facility located in the Amreya Free Trade Zone west of Alexandria. Ahmed Rasheed, the managing director at RPMinerals said “the expansion has allowed the company to meet a growing demand for a broad range of these products which are used primarily in oil based drilling fluids and environmental applications. Located near the Port of Alexandria minimizes lead-times for delivery to customers in nearby markets including Africa and the Middle East”. Khaled Rasheed, the production manager at IDIC Specialty Drilling Chemicals, said “the expansion to 25,000 MT capacity included the installation of “state-of-art” dust collection to minimize environmental impact”.