Product Name: RP GEL 9 Viscosifier

Product Information: RP GEL 9 Viscosifier and Gelling Agent


RP GEL 9 viscosifier and gelling agent is a treated premium grade Bentonite. RP GEL 9 meets API specifications 13A, Section 9 requirements. RP GEL 9 provides viscosity and good gelling characteristics in most water-based drilling fluids. RP GEL 9 also reduces fluid loss and filtrate seepage into the formation.


• Provides viscosity in anionic water-based drilling fluids

• Reduces fluid loss and water seepage into permeable formations

• Forms a thin filter cake with low permeability

• Enhances hole stability in loosely consolidated formations.


• Provides suspension properties for drilling fluids weighted with barite or hematite

• Enhances hole cleaning capacity of drilling fluids

• Meets or exceeds API requirements for Section 9 bentonite

• Environmentally safe

• Disperses readily with adequate shear in fresh water and fresh water drilling fluids.


Physical appearance: Powder, various colors….usually tan or gray

Bulk density: 50-73 lb/ft³ (800-1,169 kg/m³)

API Specifications

Viscometer: Reading at 600 rpm 30, minimum

Yield Point/Plastic: Viscosity Ratio 3, maximum

Filtrate: Volume 15 cm³, maximum

Particle size (wet screen): 4% >75 micron, maximum

Moisture content: 13%, maximum


Add 10-25 lb/bbl (28-70 kg/m³) of RP GEL 9 to fresh water or any active fresh water drilling system. Add slowly into a jet mixer or into the vortex of a high speed stirrer.

In considering the use of RP GEL 9, if the chloride content in water or in a fluid system exceeds 8,000 ppm, the RP GEL 9 should be pre-hydrated in fresh water.


RP GEL 9 viscosifier and gelling agent is typically supplied in 25 kg sacks, 50 lb sacks, and 1.0 MT bulk bags