Product Name: BrineGel A

Product Information: BrineGel A (API grade salt water viscosifier)


BRINE GEL A is a premium attapulgite clay that exceeds API Specification 13 A Section 12 viscosity requirements. BRINE GEL A is used as a viscosifier and a hole cleaning material in drilling fluids having high concentration of salts and is especially effective in drilling fluids containing high concentrations of calcium and magnesium.


BRINE GEL A is a viscosifier used to develop viscosity in drilling fluids with high salt concentrations


BRINE GEL A is not affected by contaminants often present in drilling environments

BRINE GEL A does not act as a flocculant


Appearance: Powder, tan to gray in color

Bulk Density, compacted: 55 lbs/ft, 864 kg/m

Bulk Density, uncompacted: 40 lbs/ft, 625 kg/m

Fineness: 75%, minimum, passing 200-mesh

Moisture Content: 15%, maximum


BRINE GEL A viscosifier is packaged in 50 lb and 25 kg multi-layer paper sacks