Product Name: AMCOBAR Barite

Product Information: AMCOBAR Weighting Material


AMCOBAR weighting material is a drilling grade barite (barium sulfate) used to increase the density of drilling fluids. AMCOBAR weighting material can be used in all drilling fluid systems and meets all API specifications for barite.


AMCOBAR weighting material can be used to increase the density of any drilling fluid system while maintaining good rheological properties. In most drilling fluid systems, AMCOBAR weighting material can be used to increase the density up 20 lbs/gal (2,350 kg/m³). AMCOBAR is also an excellent weighting material for use in kill fluids and barite plugs where fluid density can reach 22 lbs/gal (2,585 kg/m³)


• Essentially inert and insoluble therefore functioning based on physical characteristics

• Because of its inertness, AMCOBAR does not react with other drilling fluid additives or interfere with their function in the drilling fluid.

• Minimally abrasive.


• Physical appearance: Powder, various colors….usually pink, tan, or gray

• Bulk density: 107-135 lb/ft³ (1,715-2,162 kg/m³)

API Specifications

• Density: 4.20 g/cm³, minimum

• Soluble Hardness (measured as calcium): 250 mg/kg, maximum

• Particle size (wet screen): 3% wt. >75 micron, maximum

• Particle size (sedimentation): 30% wt. <6 micron, maximum


AMCOBAR weighting material is typically supplied in 1.5 MT bulk bags but can be supplied in 25 kg and 50 kg sacks