Product Name: WINOIL SE Secondary Emulsifier

Product Information: WINOIL SE Invert Oil Mud Secondary Emulsifier


WINOIL SE is an invert oil secondary emulsifier comprised of carboxyl-terminated polyamide-amine and naphthenic oil.


WINOIL SE is a secondary emulsifier used for formulating oil based invert drilling fluids. It provides high emulsification and good oil wetting properties. WINOIL SE is commonly used with primary emulsifiers such as WINOIL PE to provide high temperature stable invert emulsions with low filtration rates.

Normal applications of WINOIL SE require 2 to 8 lbs/ bbl (5.7 to 22.8 kg/m). Daily treatment with WINOIL SE is recommended to maintain emulsion properties.


WINOIL SE oil mud emulsifier improves emulsion stability

WINOIL SE improves oil-wetting and prevents water-wet solids

WINOIL SE improves the thermal stability of the mud

WINOIL SE helps provide rheological stability

WINOIL SE improves filtration control


Color: Dark viscous liquid

Specific gravity: 0.90 - 0.98

Moisture content: <0.5%

Flash point: >175F (>79C)(PMCC)


WINOIL SE oil mud emulsifier is packaged in 55-gallon (208-liter), 400 lbs (182 kg) per drum