Product Name: ATTOIL 100

Product Information: ATTOIL 100 Organophilic Attapulgite


ATTOIL is a premium organophylic attapulgite clay that provides increased suspension of weighting agents and drill solids in invert emulsion drilling fluids without significant effect on plastic viscosity. ATTOIL is suitable for all conventional invert emulsion drilling fluids in temperature environments up to 400 F. ATTOIL suspension agent exhibits similar suspension properties as BENTOIL products but with lower viscosity.


ATTOIL improves suspension properties in invert emulsion drilling fluids. ATTOIL reduces solids settling in high-angle wellbores


ATTOIL is easily dispersed.

ATTOIL does not significantly increase rheological properties of a drilling fluid

ATTOIL is stable at temperatures above 375 F


Appearance Powder, tan to gray in color

Bulk Density, compacted 50 lbs/ft, 800 kg/m

Bulk Density, uncompacted 35 lbs/ft, 560 kg/m

Fineness 75%, minimum, passing 200-mesh

Moisture Content 5%, maximum


ATTOIL viscosifier is packaged in 50-lb and 25-kg multi-layer paper sacks