Product Information: BENTOIL 100

Product Name: BENTOIL 100 Organophilic Bentonite


BENTOIL 100 organophilic bentonite is a viscosifier and gelling agent that can be used in all oil based drilling fluids. BENTOIL 100 is an amine treated Wyoming bentonite designed to yield optimal performance in all oil based drilling fluids to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing cost effective removal of cuttings.


BENTOIL 100 was developed as a viscosifier and gelling agent for use with diesel oils and synthetic oils.

BENTOIL 100 is stable at temperatures up to 275 F.


• Cost effectively builds viscosity and yield point

• Improves hole cleaning because of high cuttings capacity

• Aids in filter cake formation resulting in improved filtration control

• Unique energy intensive batch processing of BENTOIL 100 ensures consistent product quality and cost effective performance.


Color: Light tan

Moisture content: 4%, maximum

Form: Free flowing powder

Specific gravity: 1.7 +/- 1.0

Fineness: 75%, minimum, passing 200-mesh


25 kg or 50 lb multi-layer paper sacks