Product Information: BENTOIL 300 BD TXP

BENTOIL 300 BD TXP organophilic bentonite is a viscosifier and gelling agent with high biodegradability properties that can be used in all oil base drilling fluids. BENTOIL 300 BD TXP is an amine treated Wyoming bentonite with high biodegradability properties designed to yield optimal performance in all base drilling fluids to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing cost effective removal of cuttings. BENTOIL 300 BD TXP has high biodegradable properties.


The advantages of using BENTOIL 300 BD TXP include:

Typical Physical Properties
Appearance:  Light gray, powder
Specific Gravity:   1.6 Moisture Content 2.5 % - 5.0%
Fineness:  75%, minimum, passing 200-mesh

BENTOIL 300 BD TXP is packaged in 50 lb and 25 kg multi-layer sacks.