Product Information: RP GLM ASPHALT BITUMEN

RP GLM Asphalt Bitumen filtration control additive is a naturally occurring medium range softening point asphalt bitumen that is mined in the Uintah Basin, Utah USA. RP GLM Asphalt Bitumen can be used for high temperature, high pressure filtration control in oil base mud systems. At high temperature and pressure RP GLM Asphalt Bitumen can be extruded into small formation fractures to form a sealing system that will render shale formations cohesive thus preventing sloughing. RP GLM Asphalt Bitumen is most suitable over a wide range of temperatures to a maximum of 330F.

RP GLM Asphalt Bitumen stabilizes shale formations and will reduce API and HPHT fluid loss. RP GLM Asphalt Bitumen improves emulsion stability, thermal stability, and fluid suspension properties of most oil base drilling fluid systems. Typical application rates for most oil base drilling fluids range 4-8 lbs/bbl (11.4-22.8 kg/m). Addition rates will vary depending on formation characteristics and temperature. RP GLM Asphalt Bitumen is insoluble in water.



Color: Black powder
Specific Gravity: 1.05– 1.07
Odor: odorless
Softening Point: 330-370F (166-188C)

RP GLM filtration control additive is packaged in 25 kg or 50 lb sacks