LIGNOIL DRG-HTE Organophilic Lignite

Product Information

LIGNOIL DRG-HTE organophilic lignite is used to control filtration rates in oil based drilling fluids, including synthetic oil based drilling fluids. LIGNOIL DRG-HTE has similar performance properties as LIGNOIL DRG-HT but is formulated for more environmentally sensitive drilling environments. LIGNOIL DRG-HTE filtration control agent is stable at high temperatures and can be used to control filtration rates in deep, hot wells. It can be used to improve the emulsification of water in oil based drilling fluids and to promote drilling fluids stability.
LIGNOIL DRG-HTE helps reduce high temperature high pressure filtration rates LIGNOIL DRG-HTE helps promote stability of invert emulsion drilling fluids.
LIGNOIL DRG-HTE application rate may vary between 2-20 lbs./bbl. (5.7-57 kg/m3) depending on degree of filtration control required.
Typical Physical Properties:
Gray to black
Moisture content:
10%, maximum
Free flowing powder
Bulk density:
44 lb/ft3, 705 kg/m3 (compacted)
31 lb/ft3, 497 kg/m3 (uncompacted)
75%, minimum, passing 200-mesh
25 kg. sacks, 50 lb. sacks, 1 MT bulk bags